Saturday, February 14, 2004

Aussie guy makes good! Oh, wait....

So Aussie writer and academic Dennis Altman has secured a job at prominent US college: Harvard University!

Wow! Aussie guy makes good, for he's a jolly good fellow, geez I'm proud to be Australian! Well done!

So what exactly are you going to be doing over there, old chap?

"Hell, I think I'll tell them how much I think they suck."

Professor Altman said that despite an element of "appalling elitism and snobbery" around the Ivy League universities, the Boston appointment was an opportunity to show the American academic establishment that there was an intellectual life in Australia.


He will teach in sociology on the topic of globalisation and said he hoped to use Harvard's intellectual arena to show Americans how they looked to those outside the United States.

"Because the United States is a dominant power, I don't think it has any understanding of its impact on the rest of the world," Professor Altman said.

"To Americans, it seems like opening free markets; to Australians, it's destroying our film and television industry."

It's starting to get that I wish our senior "academics" would just shut up.

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