Sunday, February 15, 2004

Vilification of the moment

Every now and then, the Media grabs hold of something and reports it to death: usually in a manner that can only be described as really really really mean. Sometimes it's justified, sometimes it's just there to whip people up in a frenzy of righteous anger.

It happened with Steve Irwin a few weeks ago, and now it's happening with Centrelink.

At the time this was published, there are currently more than 40 articles on that mention Centrelink in the last three days alone.

The Australian:
CENTRELINK was today forced to defend itself from charges it is a mistake-prone organisation which had made 1.13 million errors in the past four months...

CENTRELINK provides payments to millions of Australians, but families and young people are the most likely to suffer mistakes, confidential documents reveal...

IF Centrelink employees don't want to do paperwork assigned to them they just put it in someone else's pigeon-hole, a report commissioned by the agency has found...

The Age:
Federal welfare payments agency Centrelink made more than one million mistakes over a four-month period last year, according to confidential government documents...

Confidential government documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act apparently reveal that Centrelink made more than one million mistakes over a four month period last year...

Centrelink has denied reports that it made more than 1 million mistakes in a four-month period last year...

And so it continues. I'm now taking bets that this has Naomi Robson of Today Tonight looking very concerned on Monday.

I'm so sexy!

Okay, Mike Jericho has a poll on who is the sexiest blogger around. Apart from some FREAKS that voted for Margo Kingston, the poll seems to be pretty much what it should be.

Except for one thing.

I'm second to Tim Blair! This has to stop, because you and I both know that I'm much sexier. For those who don't know, I look like this:

Now get voting! Please?

Oh, and for those who don't want to vote for me, swing a vote or two towards my pal Jerry.

EDIT: If you don't vote for Todd, he's going to spend years as a quivering blubbering mess in therapy, so if you really care, you'd cheat a little and throw a vote his way as well.

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